May 29, 2023


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A cyclist escapes being hit by a train while crossing tracks


A cyclist escapes being hit by a train while crossing tracks. In one video, a motorcycle was nearly hit by a superfast train. As the video went viral, there have been calls for tougher penalties for people who break rail traffic laws and endanger their lives.

According to CCTV footage circulating on the internet, a motorcycle attempted to drive near the train line. Others can be seen waiting on the other side of the level crossing as the man tries to cross the tracks.

The man was seen losing his footing and tripping on the rails while trying to speed through. As soon as he noticed the train coming, he ran away, leaving the car behind, only to be completely smashed by the express train.

The video went viral after senior journalist Rajendra B. Aklekar shared it on Twitter. Last year, he posted another video of a similar incident in which another cyclist escaped with minor injuries.

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He tweeted, “Smithereens 2022… bike and train.”