‘Dead’ Indian woman comes back to life before cremation, terrifying mourners to death

Ironically, Bujji Aama, 52, was reported dead after sustaining serious burns in a home fire in Berhampur, Indian state of Odisha

An unusual occurrence occurred in Berhampur, India, when a 52-year-old lady awoke seconds before her scheduled cremation, according to Daily Mail.

The woman, known as Bujji Aama, was severely injured in a home fire on February 1. She was sent to the MKCG Medical College and Hospital for treatment; but, because of budgetary restrictions, she was returned home despite being in severe condition.

A few days later, on Monday, when I tried to rouse her up, she didn’t open her eyes.

Sibaram Palo, Aama’s husband, felt she had died and, with the assistance of the neighboring neighbors, organized for her transfer to the cremation yard.

On the day of the planned cremation, while the funeral pyre was being constructed, she arrived at the location, where one of the accompanying mourners, Chiranjibi, witnessed the unfathomable. Aama opened her eyes.

Chiranjibi went on to say, “Initially, we were scared, as we had never seen such an incident, though we had heard some stories.”

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When she awoke, the hearse driver, Khetrabashi Sahu, who had first conveyed what was assumed to be Aama’s lifeless body from her house, was quickly summoned to the cremation site.

Aama, who is still alive and breathing, was saved from a potentially fatal situation. She was then taken back home in the same hearse.

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