Elon Musk’s Tesla slammed for dangerous self-driving software after accidents

Elon Musk's Tesla self-driving testing have resulted in traffic accidents involving a schoolchild and a bus

Elon Musk’s Tesla blasted for unsafe self-driving software after incidents. Elon Musk’s Tesla self-driving testing has resulted in traffic accidents involving a schoolchild and a bus.

A road safety organization has urged for a public boycott of Tesla’s electric vehicles in two new Super Bowl adverts, alleging the business is deploying “dangerous” technology.

The Dawn Project says that its new “Boycott Tesla Now” advertisements, which aired before last night’s Super Bowl LVIII, raised awareness of the hazards involved with Tesla’s self-driving software.

Following many incidents, the foundation—founded by tech millionaire Dan O’Dowd—has repeatedly asked Tesla to address issues with its Full Self-Driving (FSD) technology.

The freshly published adverts show footage of a Tesla being driven on the road, highlighting its self-driving capabilities and potential issues.

According to Britain’s News Channel, one video shows a news reporter following a Tesla that collided with a schoolchild during road testing, while another shows a school bus speeding by in North Carolina in March 2023.

It follows a similar Super Bowl advertising from the previous year, in which the Tesla FSD is seen colliding with oncoming traffic, running over a mannequin on the road, and disregarding traffic warning signs.

The Dawn Project has requested the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in the United States to restrict Tesla’s fully autonomous driving technology.

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Dan O’Down, the project’s creator, stated that “this weekend The Dawn Project is calling for a boycott of Tesla because Tesla has failed time and time again to address the failings in its defective self-driving software.”

“This has resulted in multiple, fatal, collisions which could, and should, have been avoided,” he said.

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