May 29, 2023


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Man playing with puppies on the beach, the video will make you happy | Viral video

Man Plays With Little Dog aroundusinfo

Doesn’t everyone like watching fascinating animal videos? Man playing with puppies on the beach, the video will make you happy. Puppies playing, kittens doing silly things, even baby elephants trotting. All these videos will melt your heart and make you smile.

If you are looking for something pleasant today, then a lovely video about a man and his puppy will put a smile on your face. On the beach, a man can be seen playing with a puppy in the video.

It can be seen that the puppy is trying to catch up when the man is running along the beach, and its calf can move as fast as possible.

The video was posted on Twitter by the user “Buitengebieden” and has been viewed more than 128,000 times and reposted more than 550 times.

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The title of the video reads: “Simple things. Life can be so wonderful…” This lovely video captured people’s hearts on the Internet, and they poured their hearts out in the comment area.

“There is nothing in the world better than jogging on the beach with a puppy,” one said, while another said, “Thank you so much for making Twitter better occasionally!”