Donald Trump says he is ready for debates with Joe Biden

Former President Donald Trump says he is eager to debate President Joe Biden

Donald Trump, who is facing criminal accusations, missed all Republican debates, claiming he has great support in the US.

After skipping all of the Republican primary debates in the belief that he would receive widespread support, former President Donald Trump said Tuesday that he is prepared to debate Democrat Joe Biden as many times as necessary, believing that the incumbent President would not engage in such a discussion.

The 77-year-old told Fox News that he was prepared and that the candidates had “an obligation” to debate.

Donald Trump, who is facing criminal charges, missed all of the Republican presidential debates, claiming that he had widespread support in the United States.

His lone opponent in the party is former US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley, who has pledged to remain.

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On Tuesday, Trump stated: “Frankly, I believe we have a duty. When you have the final Republican and Democrat, you must debate regardless of polls.”

He added that he’d be willing to do “as many as necessary.”

“I would like to do it starting now,” Trump maintained during the interview adding “I don’t think [Biden’s] going to debate though. I don’t think so.”

The presidential debates begin in September, with three scheduled.

The former commander-in-chief handily won the first three primaries, beginning with Iowa.

According to observers, Trump’s choice not to participate in the Republican presidential debates may provide Joe Biden an excuse to skip the election debates.

In December, an 81-year-old campaign insider stated that the president’s team “will have those conversations about debates in the future.”

Trump’s enthusiasm to confront the president comes as polls show Trump with a tiny lead in several battleground states, indicating a shift in favor of the Republican nominee.

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