Elon Musk creates his own ‘burner account’ to praise himself

Elon Musk has been secretly operating a burner account in order to lavish praise on himself

A curious new idea circulating on online forums alleges that Elon Musk is showing himself a lot of love through a “burner account” on X, formerly known as Twitter.

Following rumors that Musk is replying to his social media postings using an “imaginary fan” account called “Adrian Dittmann,” many have flocked to social media to express their worries. According to the Daily Mail, the blue tick-verified account was routinely writing words of thanks.

This Monday, Pekka Kallioniemi, the creator of The Soup Central, a channel that promises to give “in-depth knowledge on disinformation, bad actors, and information operations,” posted a thread on the “wild theory” that has received 5.1 million views.

He stated that it “wouldn’t be the first time Elon is using alt accounts to interact on X” after users discovered an “Elon Test” account in which the Tesla entrepreneur impersonated his two-year-old kid and criticized his ex-partner, Grimes.

Additionally, it was reported last month that an account on X had been suspended for alleging that Dittmann was “harassing” him and that the latter had “asked his friends to ID me in a Twitter space” after publicly criticizing Musk. Later, the account holder clarified that they had left the website on their own will.

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However, during their late-night Monday talk about the charges, Dittmann asked “five minutes” from Musk to “clear up the alt account matter”. In addition to directly addressing the voice similarities, the debate fueled speculation that Musk had used an AI mimic to calm the rumors.

Dittmann rose to prominence last year after Musk, during the former’s participation in Alex Jones’ heated InfoWars program, pointed out the two’s voice similarities.

According to the millionaire internet entrepreneur, “At some point, there’s just going to be like 100 AI clones of me that sound the same.”

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