Epic Games ‘Fortnite’ app returning to iPhones in EU

Fortnite and other epic games are coming back to the iPhone and iPad. 

Fortnite and other epic games are coming back to iPhone and iPad. …Epic Games Store returns to iPhone and iPad in Europe.

Following Apple’s announcement to enable third-party app stores for iOS users in the European Union, Epic Games will bring Fortnite back to iPhone and iPad in Europe later this year through the new Epic Save mobile game. I have confirmed that. This is the first time since the title officially returned to Apple’s platform in August 2020, after Epic offered a discount for paying directly to the store instead of Apple’s App Store or Google Play. It marks your official return and requires a 30% discount. iOS users have previously had to rely on Xbox Cloud Gaming or GeForce Now to play Fortnite, but for users based in Europe, this will soon be a thing of the past.

The popular video game “Fortnite” is returning to the iPhone for the first time in four years.

Developer Epic Games is allowed to operate an App Store under a new EU law aimed at increasing competition on Apple devices.

Currently, iPhone users can only download apps from Apple’s App Store.

However, Apple must allow customers to access alternative app stores on iOS devices purchased within the EU starting in March.

Apple has always maintained that its rules keep users safe.

In a post to X (formerly Twitter), Fortnite wrote: Why don’t we change this back?”

And, “Apple, the world is watching.”

Epic Games famously disagreed with Apple’s guidelines and removed the hit game Fortnite from the App Store. As of 2020, it is no longer available on the App Store, but it is possible to play it over the Internet.

Apple was accused of creating a monopoly, leaving customers and developers with no choice but to go through its channels, and charging developers up to 30% in fees.

This resulted in developers who didn’t meet Apple’s App Store inclusion criteria, or who didn’t want to pay, being excluded from the millions of people using Apple gadgets.

Fortnite’s grand return to iOS in Europe is thanks to the EU’s new Digital Markets Act, which comes into effect on March 7th. This will allow developers to accept payments and distribute their apps from outside the App Store until Apple’s new “Notarization” is completed. Approval process to detect malicious apps. Apple is also reportedly introducing a new pricing structure that will be equally, if not cheaper, for most developers publishing in the European market.

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While the upcoming changes will allow Epic Games to once again make money from iOS users (at least in Europe), founder and CEO Tim Sweeney warned Cupertino that there will be “no new junk fees for downloads or criticized ‘don’ts’ such as new Apple taxes on payments. they.

“The executive then discovered more “hot garbage” in the details, particularly the terms and conditions regarding the claims against Apple.” “Did you allow him to compete? On what terms could he compete? Apple makes a mockery of free market competition.” Sweeney said in a post on X. The infuriated tone here comes as no surprise, especially after the US Supreme Court rejected Epic’s appeal that Apple violated federal antitrust laws earlier this month.

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