‘Inside the NFL’ mutes Travis Kelce’s rage at Andy Reid

"Inside the NFL" saved Travis Kelce from embarrassment of his furious outburst

Following the Kansas City Chiefs’ historic Super Bowl 2024 victory on Sunday—their second straight and third overall—a video of Travis Kelce ranting at his coach Andy Reid went viral on social media, according to the Daily Mail.

Kelce subsequently acknowledged to wearing a microphone, saying, “Ah, did you see that? I’m going to keep it between ourselves unless my microphone picks up and tells the world.”

On Tuesday’s broadcast of “Inside the NFL Show,” Kelce avoided the shame of his angry outburst.

The audio was removed despite Kelce’s obscene behavior being exposed, and it was quickly replaced with a film of Reid and Kelce fist bumping.

Kelce was seen smashing his helmet on the ground in response to being instructed to sit on the sidelines, then pushing Reid and yelling at him.

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When questioned about the event later, Kelce and Reid both avoided the subject, with Kelce remarking, “I owe my entire career to that guy, and I just love him, man.”

Reid brushed down the matter, stating, “Kelce keeps him young.”

Kelce has had previous violent altercations with his Kansas City Chiefs coach. When the Chiefs fell to the Las Vegas Raiders on Christmas, Kelce hurled his helmet to the ground and barged Reid with his shoulder.

Kelce’s singer-star girlfriend, Taylor Swift, was also in attendance for the Super Bowl game.

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