Novak Djokovic ‘concentrates’ on capturing gold at the Paris Olympics in 2024

Rafael Nadal, Andy Murray, and Djokovic has yet to win an Olympic gold medal

Novak Djokovic, a 24-time Grand Slam champion, will focus on earning a gold medal at the Paris Olympics this year to complete his Greatest of All Time (GOAT) legacy.

According to tennis analyst Nick Lester, the Serbian star will focus on the major event to reach one of his career’s few remaining achievements.

Among current greats like Rafael Nadal and Andy Murray, Djokovic has yet to win an Olympic gold medal. Lester told Tennis365 that the Serb will be motivated to join them by winning the tennis tournament at Roland Garros in Paris.

“For me, the Olympic gold medal is massive for him this year and he will set his sights on that one big target,” Lester told Tennis365.

“It is the only thing that’s missing from his CV and he will tailor everything around that. When you have achieved everything and only one final prize is missing, it would make sense to make it your priority.

“For me, he is still the player to defeat on a hard court when he is fit and determined. He may easily win another four Slams in the next several years if he keeps fit and has the ambition. “If he still has the desire to pursue records, especially great records.”

Djokovic’s recent loss against Jannik Sinner in the Australian Open semi-finals raised questions about his declining supremacy in men’s tennis. However, this evaluation may be premature for a player who was extremely successful last year, winning three Grand Slams and reaching the final of the fourth.

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Lester also stated that Djokovic may have battled physically during his stay in Melbourne, which might have contributed to a little decrease in his performance.

“From what I heard in Melbourne, he wasn’t particularly well out there,” he stated. “Maybe that led to him not being quite as engaged as he had been in previous years.

“Let’s be honest, the level of motivation he has displayed for so long is going to tail off at some point. He’s doing things at his age that have never been done before and at some point, you have to think it will stop happening for him.”

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