Klay Thompson says it’s ‘hard’ to not be closing for Warriors

Klay Thompson, a cornerstone of the Golden State Warriors' success, found himself on the sidelines

Warriors Coach Steve Kerr’s choice to go with youngster Gui Santos over Klay Thompson in the final stages underscores the team’s continued battle to find the ideal blend.

Klay Thompson, a key component of the Golden State Warriors’ success, was sidelined during critical moments for the second time in three games on Monday.

The veteran guard, a key part of the Warriors’ championship-winning past, spoke on the burden of watching important game moments from the bench. Thompson, reflecting on his shifting role, said, “You kidding me?” Going from, you know, one of the top players… it’s difficult for anyone. I will be honest with you. It’s really hard.”

Klay Thompson’s reaction is typical of a seasoned player going through a shift in his career. At 33, the guy who overcame serious injuries to help the 2022 NBA title team now faces a different story.

Coach Steve Kerr’s choice to choose youngster Gui Santos over Thompson in the final seconds exemplifies the team’s continual battle to strike the correct balance.

The Warriors, who are presently 22-25, are facing a difficult season, and Klay Thompson’s fluctuating position adds another element to the story. Despite his dissatisfaction, Thompson showed remarkable sportsmanship by applauding his younger teammates’ efforts, notably Santos, who played a key role in Monday’s victory.

“I’ve accepted it,” Thompson said. “I could be mad, but I’m happy for these young guys, honestly. Yeah. We won. And it’s hard to get wins in this league.”

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The circumstance highlights the team’s attempt to strike a balance between experienced veterans and rising prospects.

As the Warriors continue their East Coast tour, doubts about the team’s future and Thompson’s position at critical times arise. It is unclear if Thompson’s position will continue to change or stabilize, but his influence on the court and in the locker room cannot be denied.





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