Haley Falls to ‘none of the candidates’ in Nevada primary as Biden seals easy win

Haley faces a humiliating defeat with Trump not on the ballot and contesting delegate-selection caucuses on Thursday instead

Joe Biden won another primary during a damp, muted voting day in Nevada. The Associated Press announced the results nearly two hours after the polls closed. Marianne Williamson, Biden’s nearest competitor, recorded in the low single digits.

Nevada is shown in red on the left. Strips of blue and red lines are layered on the right.

The “none of these candidates” option defeated Nikki Haley in the state’s Republican presidential primary, according to the Associated Press, an unpleasant outcome for the former UN ambassador, who was the only major contender on the ballot.

The election is pointless in the nomination process, however, because the real event for Republicans comes on Thursday when the party will have caucuses with Donald Trump on the ballot to choose the actual delegates allocated to the Republican National Convention.

Haley did not make much of an effort to campaign in Nevada, claiming that the system was “rigged” for Trump.

Perhaps due to voters’ uncertainty about the simultaneous elections and the availability of early and mail-in voting choices in the primary, in-person attendance on Tuesday appeared low.

According to the secretary of state’s office, around 15,700 individuals voted in person, with an additional 151,000 voting early. Given that these were Nevada’s first presidential primaries following decades of caucuses, there was no clear yardstick for measuring attendance. State lawmakers decided in 2021 to modify how voters select presidential candidates, claiming that the primary process was more accessible.

“We’re a 24/7 economy and people need efficiency when they’re working,” said Cisco Aguilar, Nevada’s secretary of state. “They can get that efficiency through a primary process.”

On the east side of Las Vegas, just 23 individuals showed up to vote at one high school polling place, while around 15 election officials wandered around waiting. A few folks shuffled inside to drop down votes. Virginia Christiansen, 71, and Jerry Christiansen, 77, voted for Biden. “I’ve got no complaints about him,” said Jerry, a retired carpenter who helped build the high school. “I don’t see why he’s not getting credit.”

In a key swing state that was critical to Biden’s 2020 victory, the primary will provide an unreliable indication of voter turnout.

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“I want to thank the voters of Nevada for sending me and Kamala Harris to the White House four years ago, and for taking us one step further tonight,” Biden said after the Associated Press called the primary for him. “We need to organize, mobilize, and vote. Because one day, when we look back, we’ll be able to say, “When American democracy was in danger, we saved it—together.”

Harris similarly hinted at the November general election. “We look forward to returning to Nevada often as we move towards the general election,” she told the crowd.

A pro-Biden Super Pac just reserved a record $250 million in advertising across seven key states, including Nevada, with a view on motivating disenchanted younger voters and Latino voters.



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