Putin disappointed over lack of aggression in Tucker Carlson interview

Putin says he was surprised by a lack of sharp questions from U.S. television host Tucker Carlson in an interview

Putin was dissatisfied with the lack of assertiveness in the Tucker Carlson interview. Putin said he expected harsher questioning and hoped for a more combative approach that would allow him to answer in kind.

Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed surprise and dissatisfaction with the interview dynamics with US television personality Tucker Carlson, claiming that he expected sharper and more aggressive questions.

Putin, who is well-known for his interview skills, had anticipated harsher questions, hoping for a more combative approach that would allow him to reply appropriately.

During the half-hour conversation, Putin gave Carlson a history lesson, his first interview with an American journalist since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine over two years prior.

Putin acknowledged to being startled by Carlson’s modest interruptions, indicating that he did not fully enjoy the conversation.

The Kremlin supported Putin’s choice to speak with Carlson, noting the host’s departure from what they termed “one-sided” coverage of the Ukraine war by numerous Western news agencies.

Meanwhile, body language specialist Professor Erik Bucy examined Putin’s demeanor during the two-hour encounter, describing the Russian leader as “emaciated” and “uncomfortable in his skin.”

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Bucy highlighted Putin’s twitching feet, fidgety hands, and sinking posture, which suggested physical pain or anxiousness.

While another analyst noted Putin’s perceived power throughout the conversation, Bucy claimed that the Russian leader appeared unusually weak sitting next to the comfortable American TV commentator.

Bucy discussed Putin’s lack of comfort in comparison to Carlson, pointing out the Russian leader’s evident physical “limits,” adding that he may be “masking pain.”

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