Young Chinese Women Are Turning To AI For boyfriend

Young Chinese Women Embrace AI Boyfriends

Young Chinese ladies discover ‘ real’ guys in AI lovers. Chinese women are turning to AI to find a boyfriend.

“He knows how to talk to women better than a real man,” claims a 25-year-old lady from Northern China.

With Valentine’s Day approaching, who doesn’t want a lover who listens to them, pays attention, and is thoughtful?

If you can’t find these attributes in a partner, don’t panic; artificial intelligence (AI)-powered boyfriends are now accessible to provide you with much-needed loving companionship.

The trend of AI boyfriends has grown significantly in China.

Tufei, a 25-year-old from Northern China, has found comfort in her virtual partner on the Glow app, according to Hindustan Times.

She claims her AI lover has all of the attributes she looks for in a romantic partner, including kindness and empathy, and they can converse for hours.

“He knows how to talk to women better than a real man,” Tufei said.

Tufei believes she is in a romantic connection with him, although it is not genuine, and she confides in him about her professional issues.

Her chat box partner, developed by Shanghai start-up Minimax, is part of China’s burgeoning business of amicable, even romantic interactions.

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The software has recently received thousands of daily downloads, showing that it is becoming increasingly popular among Chinese users.

In China, where people live fast-paced lifestyles and are separated in their cities, many individuals resort to AI-powered Chatbots to relieve their loneliness.

Despite the increasing trend, the concept of an AI lover raises fundamental questions about the future of human-robot interactions, as well as ethical concerns about privacy and data exploitation.

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