Joe Biden makes TikTok debut but some US govt officials still can’t use app

Joe Biden makes his TikTok debut but some US government officials still can't use the app

Joe Biden’s TikTok appearance raises doubts about the president’s prohibition on Chinese apps because of security concerns.

President Joe Biden’s election campaign has joined TikTok, despite the app being prohibited on the bulk of US government computers for security reasons.

During Sunday’s Super Bowl, his campaign set up an account with the username “@bidenhq”.

Aides questioned Biden about his choices for the big game in a premiere video with the phrase “lol hey guys”.

In 2022, the president signed legislation limiting TikTok use on the vast majority of federal government devices.

Several states have also passed the measure. Concerns that the Chinese government may get access to user data have caused senators on both sides of the aisle to call for the US to ban the ByteDance app, according to the BBC.

Nonetheless, the website remains popular among American young, who helped to Biden’s electoral victory in the past election.

According to authorities interacting with the US media, the president’s campaign staff would manage his TikTok account instead of him.

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In answer to a question in the launch video about whether he favored the Philadelphia Eagles or the Kansas City Chiefs, Biden remarked that if he didn’t support the Eagles, he would be sleeping alone since “my wife’s a Philly girl.”

He was also questioned about a conspiracy theory surrounding Taylor Swift’s Super Bowl performance, which claimed that the singer’s relationship with Travis Kelce of the Kansas City Chiefs was part of a plot to rig the NFL championship game to favor Biden’s reelection in November.

Biden quipped, “I’d get in trouble if I told you” about the plot.

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