Chile Wild fires At least 112 dead in Valparaíso region

Forest fires in Chile's Valparaíso region killed at least 112 people, according to local officials.

The Valparaíso forest fire has claimed 112 lives, making it the worst in history. Many of the victims were tourists visiting the seaside region during the summer holidays. Chile’s Valparaíso region is dealing with the aftermath of the country’s worst forest fire on record, which claimed the lives of at least 112 people.

The inferno has caused President Gabriel Boric to proclaim a state of emergency, promising to mobilize all available resources to confront the impending disaster.

The fatalities, many of whom were vacationers visiting the seaside region during the summer, were caught in the path of an unyielding fire.

Rescue attempts have been hampered by officials’ inability to access the most severely impacted communities. Interior Minister Carolina Tohá sadly warned that the death toll was likely to grow dramatically in the coming hours. The administration has issued an urgent warning against traveling to the fire-affected areas.

Rodrigo Pulgar, a 61-year-old local, characterized the situation at El Olivar as “hell.” Pulgar described trying to save his neighbor but sadly discovering his own home on fire. With the bulk of El Olivar’s people being old, Pulgar detailed the devastating death of his neighbor, who could not be saved in time.

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According to the housing ministry, the raging flames have affected between 3,000 and 6,000 homes. A curfew has been implemented in Viña del Mar, Limache, Quilpué, and Villa Alemana to support emergency response efforts. President Boric highlighted that the curfew is intended to free roads for rescue vehicles and assist in reaching the impacted districts.

On Sunday, 1,400 firemen will be deployed, with military forces aiding emergency services in their struggle against the fires. Investigations are ongoing to discover the cause of the devastating fire. To avoid fires, the government has banned the use of fire-related equipment and heat-producing machinery in Valparaíso and the surrounding Marga Marga area.





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