Valentine’s Day 2024 red roses and heart-shaped chocolates are out Self-care is in

US consumers alone are predicted to spend over $26 billion this Valentine's Day

Friendship and personal well-being are becoming increasingly crucial as younger American consumers choose to prioritize and put themselves first on Valentine’s Day.

According to the BBC, Valentine’s Day staples continue to include jewels, flowers, and chocolate. This year, US shoppers are predicted to spend $26 billion (£20.6 billion) on Valentine’s Day items. However, many businesses and shops now provide health and self-care goods instead of presents for couples, giving them additional alternatives.

Instead of spending more on tried-and-true items, an increasing number of businesses are tailoring their assortments and marketing methods to changing customer trends.

Furthermore, new enterprises are entering the market that may not have previously been considered when discussing Christmas gifts. These businesses are all entirely focused on providing options to a new customer segment that wants to indulge in “Galentine’s” and self-care items. and cast off the sappy Valentine’s Day of the past.

“We are seeing some of the mainstream corporate companies starting to embrace a wider descriptor of what Valentine’s Day means,” says Joanna Feeley, founder and CEO at UK-based trend-forecasting agency “Trend Bible”. “Valentine’s almost needs a rebrand, but it’s not dead”.

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Consumer sentiments may be changing in part due to the world’s unstable political, economic, and environmental conditions, but many people are self-prioritizing and gravitating toward “I deserve it” purchases because they are experiencing an overwhelming sense of existential dread, according to Faye Landes, a consumer and retail analyst with the US-based firm “Landes Advisors”.

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